Sunday, June 3, 2007

Talk About Being Sick!!

I've had this horrible cough since last Thursday (and a bit of a fever...but) and I HATE it! I feel bad for those who get sick constantly... I feel their pain. I mean, this is my first in 3 years, but imagine those who are sick constantly... it's kinda sad. Not fun either! I got my sickness from my little sisters... it went from Sophie, KK, my dad and than me... now I have a fever (it's going away), a cough, and a runny nose... don't y'all kinda feel bad for me... I mean I am playing the keys on stage (at IHOP) with a runny nose... Like last Sunday, we were aired in Asia, and I couldn't stop making faces trying to keep my snots in so it doesn't accidentally run down... lol! But ya, I hate being sick... don't you?


Anonymous said...

if only you had faith like mine! i never get sick...ive never been sick and never will be sick...because i am a man of tremendous faith.

Anonymous said...

the comment before this one was by a true man of faith named joel c. he must be a prophet of the Lord.