Sunday, June 10, 2007


My summer is going to be busy! First, we are gonna be hosting 5 to 6 girls, plus me and my 4 sisters (ya, WOW). So, there'll be 12 girls including my mom... our house will be packed with girls (poor dad!!)
Brent has asked me to make ALL the copies for STI, including making sure all the preachers are there (MP) on time and taking care of their needs... so, that's gonna be fun!! In the midst of all that, I just got my GED book, so, I'm gonna be studying alot (I have to finish the whole book by the end of June). So, I am going to try hard! I'm asking the LORD to give me grace!! But ya, I am gonna be busy this summer!


Anonymous said...

yeah i think your dad is going to need to ask me to hang out alot...but we'll might be too busy for such charity...
joel c.

Anonymous said...

Hey telma!!
it's Tasha (i went to STI last summer)
I'm going to track 2 and was wondering that if you were housing during track 2 if i could stay w/ you. i would love 2 get 2 know you better. We have at least 1 thing in common (we're both adopted!!)

<333 Tasha

Telma said...

Hey Tasha, we are hosting 5 girls right now, and we are moving in the midst of it all... and I think it's knida too late to tell them where you wonna stay... but we could hang out during this track:-)

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