Saturday, August 30, 2008


TheCall was amazing! It was a 12 hour day of fasting and interceding for the ending of abortion! The Lord was there... it was intense! Below are pictures I took of a few of the worship leaders and people praying:

Trip to DC

I had the opportunity of going to theCall DC with the Sliker family, Brent and KJ Steeno, and all the ATC interns and counselors! Great experience for us all! The trip there was so much fun! We watched a few movies, listened to music and talked alot. We were there for a period of 2 weeks! We helped set up for the call, and did alot of prayer walks! We went to the Holocaust museum (which was so sad and intense). We went to the Lincoln Memorial a few times, the air and space museum, and a few other museums. It was alot of walking for us, but so worth it!! Below are a few pictures I took while in DC:

Lincoln Memorial

Elysse and I

Praying at the wall

Ellen and I

Washington Monument

Steven Reyes sleeping... hehe