Thursday, December 18, 2008


"Do not be ashamed to serve others because of your love for Jesus Christ, or to appear poor in the world's eyes. Do not count on your won strength;trust God. Do what you can,and God will supply. Take glory neither in money, if you have some, nor in the influential friends, but in God who gives you everything and above all wants to give Himself! Have no pride in your native wit and talent; that would displease God who gave you every good thing that you naturally possess.Reject the thought that you are better than others.
The humble are always at peace;the proud are often envious and angry."

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This is the second part of the story of the abandoned Asian girl that Akiane first painted when she was nine.
After her long communion with God in the mute field she was drawn to the hill of the blossoms where now she rests in a golden dress and smells each fragrant branch.
Behind her are foggy lakes, gray sky, gray mountains and sad memories which she’s left behind. But on the top of the hill there’s a spirit of hope and love.

Here is a poem also written by Akiane concerning this little girl in the picture:

The war in the soil.
The seeds are too young to fight.
While the eyes breathe
the guilty still feel no remorse.
The cobwebs with knots.
Across the blades of harvest
improper dreams wrinkle the childhood.
Without any cries
and without any touch
the cradles are left behind.
through hopeless unconsciousness
it seems that a rainbow gushes through me.
And rainbow-colored
I leak out onto the hope.
A silhouette of the eyes
follow me
to the warmth of times.
Only the innocence
grows the conception.
Held in dust
the pain of wisdom.
The trust is through hope.
Inside each fragrant branch
the colors of love

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is an amazing picture drawn by a 9 year old girl named, Akiane Kramarik! She was inspired to draw this concerning the orphans that have no place to go. Here is how she put it: "Tied up to a board and thrown out to die on the dirt road
the baby girl was crying for days somewhere in Asia before she was found.
When I met her many months later I knew at once that I would paint her in an empty field, away from the big city, where she'd find God and love for the first time.
I dedicate this painting to all the abandoned babies and children,
It is because of our selfishness that they suffer and die."

When I read this, it made me want to cry out for those children in the world who have no place to go, no parents to protect, and nothing to eat. This is another reason we need to stand up and embrace these children by bringing them to our home and show them what true love is!!

Below is a poem she wrote concerning this girl in the picture:

Faith, covering voiceless sun
The night cries out loudly
And wants me
To braid the end together
With nightingales' feathers
The eyeroots
Like unused candles bend
battles on each of my hands
I am prepared
To throw a shield
Stairs of remembrance
So narrow I slip off
Finding an arrow
I find myself in a mute field
How many stars do we have to own
To feel wealthy
The blindfolded answers
Without question unwind
Let the lightning with salty emblems
Show the path
Tasting your tears
Inside your tearducts I hide
But why to hide
If noone is searching
When I sleep
On the thawing snow
A thorn kisses its torn scars
And I pull out an old hair
I do not own
Riddle verses on every forehead
I wake up at the beginning of a year
To see that without you
I cannot be what I want to be
And without me
I cannot be
What you want me to be