Thursday, January 15, 2009


Intro to Orphan Justice Center (OJC) kick off meeting: we had a meeting, where close to 50 people showed up to hear about adoption, amongst those were families who were in the process of adopting or were thinking about adoption! My mom asked me to share, so people can hear from the side of someone who was adopted and understands what it means to be unloved and unwanted. It was an amazing night! We were able to pray and prophesy over the families that were in the process of adopting and also thinking about adopting! Holy Spirit was there! It was a great night! Below is what I shared at the meeting:

"I was adopted when I was 11. My life in the Marshall Islands was hard. My birth mom gave me away when I was a baby. She didn’t know how to care for a girl with special needs. I was born with scoliosis. I am here to testify that adoption changes a destiny. Everything that I lacked when living in the Marshall Islands is gone. I have parents who care and love me so much! There are so many boys and girls who have never experienced love; there are so many who are hungry, don’t have a warm place to go to, they’re desperate for parents. There are those who are dying, who are left out on the streets to rot. These are the ones that no one cares about. But there’s One who loves them so much, and He is the One that is calling you to partner with Him. He’s crying out, asking if there’s one that can share His pain by rescuing these kids.

When I was adopted, my parents were leading a house of prayer in Indianapolis. So, not only did God rescue me from poverty and the lack of love, but also He brought me to a place where live prayer and worship really happened. That’s where I truly experienced the Father’s love for me!

Adoption is partnering with God. When adopting a child who is unloved, you are partnering with God! By adopting these kids, you are bringing them to a family who can love and cherish them forever! I encourage you this: If I had not been adopted, my life would have gone on a different direction. I would not be the girl that loves God and enjoys life. I would be a girl who would never know the Father’s love or experience what it means to be loved. But because I was adopted and God saw me in that little Island, and He cared so much about me that He rescued me by bringing me to a family that loves and cares for me! This can be you… you could be the one partnering with God by rescuing and loving these kids!! Remember: ADOPTION CHANGES A DESTINY!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Amazing Quote

"God has created a world big enough for all the lives He wishes to be
born. It is only our hearts that are not big enough to want them and
accept them. If all the money that is being spent on finding ways to
kill people was used instead to feed them and house them and educate
them - how beautiful that would be. We are too often afraid of the
sacrifices we might have to make. But where there is love, there is
always sacrifice. And when we love until it hurts, there is joy and
peace." Mother Theresa