Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update :)

Hello folks, sorry haven't really blogged in a long time. Been keeping busy. But below is an update! Enjoy :)

September of 2009, I applied to do Compassion Disciple Training School (DTS) through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in Kona Hawaii. This DTS basically addressed the issue of poverty and injustice in our world. It’s a 6-month training, 3 months of lecture phase and 3 months of field assignment. For the first three months, every week, we’d have different speakers come and talk on different subjects, such as Fear of the Lord, Father Heart of God, Love of God, Kingdom of Heaven, etc. For 12 weeks, I learned different things about God, who He is, His nature and characteristics. Those three months were so key point in my life, because it was during that time that I learned to be His daughter, let Him love me without resisting Him, and it was a time where I learned to love God and dive deeper and deeper into Him! Before I applied for this DTS, I always had a heart for Africa, so I knew Africa would be the place I’d go for outreach. So, the last 3 months, God called me to Rwanda, and it was there that I worked with a lot of kids! While in Rwanda, our team worked with a few churches, helped built a church, did door to door ministry, worked with street children, visited a Mother Theresa Orphanage, and helped worked with ex-prostitutes. But the highlight of my outreach was going to the Mother Teresa Orphanage! Wow, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all the children, under the age of 4. Three words popped in my head: dirty, stinky, and sick. I felt so helpless, so much pain and hurt for them. Then the feeling of the Father’s love for each and everyone of them overwhelmed me and I knew right then and there that it wasn’t right that those kids had to go through the feeling of not being loved and cared for. All they want is someone to love them and for the 45 minute visit there, that’s what I did: held them, cried and laughed with them, and prayed that someday, somehow they would understand that there is Someone out there that loves and truly cares for them, even if the world looks at them as “outcasts.” I’m so grateful that that I was able to go to Rwanda. It definitely opened my eyes to see the world in God’s eyes!

I'm back home now and am praying for the next step of my life. But as if now, I'm home with my family, and we are just trusting in Jesus, and letting Him lead us! Thank you for those who've supported and prayed for our family during this time!

P.S. below are just a few pictures for you!

Much blessings,
James 1:27

My outreach team!

Cute little African baby!

Painting a little girl's finger nails

Pastor Claude and his amazing friend. Amazing couple!

Church up country that we ministered to


My outreach team

Our Compassion DTS family


Annie Peterson said...

Oh Telma, you are SO beautiful! You look like such a natural, surrounded by all those precious ones. :) Your life is such a powerful testimony of the heart of God to rescue the forgotten and beaten-down on the earth! He is going to use you MIGHTILY!

David and Sarah said...


You have a beautiful heart. May God continue to show you His heart, and His incredible love for you.