Thursday, October 8, 2009

God's Precious Pearl

Tonight, our Compassion DTS did an outreach. We split up into small groups. My 4 friends and I grouped up together, prayed, and went into town to witness. We walked for awhile. On our way back to campus, I pointed to a lonesome woman working in a pearl store. We all walked up and started talking to her. Her name was Mokihanaleialoha (Mokihana). She shared about her life: She was an only child, her family lived in the back of her step-dad's pickup truck on the beach for awhile. When she was 17, she got pregnant, barely made it out of high school, went through a hard time, trying to raise a baby while at the same time, make a living. She also shared about her baby's father, David who is an alcoholic. She is having to work two jobs in order to provide schooling for her little son, pay the rent, buy food, etc. One of the girls asked Mokihaha if we could pray for her and she starting bawling. We prophesied over her life and the calling the Lord has for her, David and their precious little boy (Jeremiah 29:11) We told her there is hope for them and the God will surely bring them together as a family and that their testimony will bring glory to His name!

Pray for her! We will be keeping in touch with her, so thats good!

What a day! Thank You, Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I almos cry reading this post.
That is so amazing that she was
able to open up to you.

Love, Lee

Telma Navia Loux said...

I love you, Lee! I'll answer your email soon! :) You're the best!

Annie said...

I love you so much. You should post more post. I want to know what is happening there in Hawaii.

Love you so much, Leeann