Thursday, April 23, 2009

Care for One Child!

I just want to thank God for giving me a special brother! No one believed that this precious boy would ever survive. But no one knew that all he needed was a family who would take the time to love him and make sure that his needs were met! The first time I met him and the first time I held him, he was just a tiny thing, smaller then what a normal five year would look. As the orphanage workers and doctors said "he'll never live." But, is it their place to say that? Only God ordains the life of a child. Right now, I'm listening to my Dad's song, One Child, with tears running down my face, just thinking of this 'one' child who has truly touched my heart! The doctors said he would never do anything but I remember the first day when he crawled up the stairs, I remember the first day he stopped drinking from a dropper and bravely took his first sip from a cup, I remembered the first day he fed himself, I remember the first day he was splashing water everywhere in the tub, making his older brother mad, I remember the first day he pulled my hair just to tease me ;), I remember the first day he took a step, I remember the first day he clapped his hands in excitement, I remember the first day he laughed, and mostly, I remember the first day he smiled at me :) My heart melts within me just thinking about what a wonderful thing God has given to my family! To tell you the truth, I don't think our family would be complete without this dear boy! He's a strong and a brave boy! His name is Ethan Patrick Loux!!


The Loux Family said...

Ok, Honey, you made me cry reading your post. Yes,
our little Ethan is a true miracle from Jesus! He has blown his doctors away with the changes that have taken place in his little life. Thank you for your part in loving Ethan to a place of life. You have had a huge part in seeing him restored! I love you and am so proud your our daughter! You're the best!



Faith Wiles said...

You are a good sister. Jesus is so proud of you for taking the love you were given and loving it on another. Leslie really wants to have you girls over! Lets really try to do that soon.