Monday, November 10, 2008

The Betty Baxter Story Part 1

I wasn't normal as many other boys and girls. My body was twisted and crippled and deformed. I was born with curve on my spine. Every vertebra was out of place, the bones were twisted and matted together. As I lay in the University hospital, I began to shake all over. It was a sort of trembling at first but soon I was shaking violently from head to toe. I shook out of my bed and fell on the floor. The doctors rushed in and put me back on the bed. They strapped my body to the bed. It didn't keep me from shaking, but it kept me from falling. Day and night, I was strapped to the bed. When the straps were removed my body would be raw and blistered. I know what it means to suffer and feel pain. The doctors kept me on dope so I could endure the pain. When I was born, my heart was not normal. Under the power of dope, it grew worse. Eventually I came to have a heart attack every week. My body would become so accustomed to the dope that it couldn't take full effect. I would bite my lips to keep from screaming because f the pain. Doctors finally took me off dope because it wasn't doing any good. I was only nine. Oh, how long then nights were as I lay racked with pain. Many times, I would twist in the bed struggling for a little relief and feel myself blacking out. Then for hours I would lay unconscious.


Brett said...

I have read Betty Baxter's book. Is she still alive (on earth), do you know? Brett

Brett said...
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